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Welcome and Thank you for Stopping By Raven's Aerie

my Name is Eddie Rivera my nick name is Raven. I am a Photographer, Freemason, Member of

the Knights of St Andrew Indiana Chapter. a Paintballer, which is How my passion for Photography began 

about 14 years ago. My interest in Photography has been there most of my live, but I really got interested

When I became a Paintballer  and Joined one of the worlds Largest Paintball Teams

SAS Woodsball Paintball Team. I was a Member for a little over a Year when my wife/F and I decided to Move to Indiana

and was Given the Indiana Chapter of SAS Woodsball, to Make a Long story short and not bore you with details. I started 

Capturing the Teams Action on the field giving me a Unique Perspective as a Paintballer. 

a short Time after my introduction to Paintballer/Hobby photographer

I got to a point where I was having night terrors every night. so we decide it was time for Help.

I was Diagnosed with PTSD and BI-polar and a couple other issues I preferr not to disclose. It became a Daily Struggle trying

to keep my Interest in these two Passions and sometimes it still is. Raven's Aerie and My love for Photography Became Possible 

Because of My wife. who has Never let me Give up, and is aways there thru my Darkest Hours. and our Child who are Basically 

The hero's Behind the scene of Raven's Aerie. While I am the Main Photographer  we are a Husband and wife/Family Team.

My wife and child are very active in this endevor of mine.

from helping me on shoots and assisting or depending on the event Picking up a Camera and Taking there own Photo's, and my wife 

is of cousre the second Photographer for wedding's and Events. I am also the Photo Editor using editing software such as 

Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Bridge

Photography by: Raven

Photographer, Paintballer, Cosplayer, Freemason

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